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About ...ME


name:  Rachel Radcliffe
nick name: Rae ,丕 ,可樂糖  
birth place: The United Kingdom of Britain
birth date: February
horoscope: Pieces
height: >150 cm
weight: <110 lbs
language: English , French ( not much ) , Cantonese
school ( now ): C.C.C. Ming Yin College
my favorite...
cartoon characters: Winnie the Pooh , Doraemon , Maruko 
instrument: Guitar
collections: sneakers , souvenirs , tickets , stamps
books: Think James , Giant Peach , The Lord of The Rings , Harry Potter
writer: J.K Rowling  ,  Darl 
season: Autumn
movies: Notting hill 
movie stars: Julia Roberts     Jim Carrey
snacks: Frutips , Pacific biscuits 
appreciative: Prince William  , Hillary Rodham Clinton
appreciative ( local ): Dr. Tse Yuen Man  
disc jockey: DJ Shadow , Jim
live bands (hk): at17 , Dejay , Chet Lam 
live bands (non-hk): Beatles , Coldplay , Radiohead , 吉幫
artist: miki y.
things: insects 
people: Fake people , George Bush
country: China